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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Disney's A Christmas Carol 3D

Q: What’s the movie about?

A: If you don't know what A Christmas Carol is about you're probably too young to see a PG movie... or for that matter, to be able to read this.

Q: Who’s in the movie?

A: Jim Carrey, Jim Carrey, and Jim Carrey! (Don't you love when they say that? Neither do I.) Also with Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Robin Wright Penn, Bob Hoskins, Cary Elwes, Fionnula Flanagan

Q: Is this movie worth the price of admission?

A: PhotobucketStop! This is a tried and true interpretation of Dickens' classic tale, that basically does no interpreting at all. If you've seen any version of it before, the only reason to see this one is for the 3D performance capture effects.

Q: Will this movie make me laugh?

A: People don't often think about that fact that this is in no way a humorous story by its nature.

Q: Will this movie make me cry?

A: If you're an actor it should, because if motion capture continues to catch on, your job will soon be obsolete.

Q: Will this movie be up for any awards?

A: The art direction is pretty spectacular, and if nothing else depicts a beautiful traditional Christmas that makes you long for those fantasy filled days, still so far in the future...

Q: How is the Acting?

A: The actors are done no favors by the directing. Each of their animated counterparts are drawn like uglier versions of the real people, and no matter how many motion-capture probes you put on a person, you can never fully capture the look in their eye. That's why most movies hire professional actors and let them do the acting. Using this fancy technique, the director and the animators have to fill in the blanks, and they don't have nearly as much acting experience as the 3D people they're drawing.

Q: How is the Directing?

A: In his efforts to turn a 50 minute play into an hour and a half long movie, the director builds endless pauses into the dialogue and the action, most of which seem to exist to create suspense, but in fact are only there to create a good time for a little nap. Turns out, I really needed to catch up on sleep.

Q: How is the story/script?

A: That's funny, there was a writer on this? Because (coincidentally) I recently read the play, by Dickens, and I didn't see any differences... It makes you wonder how much he was paid? And how do I get that job?

Q: Is there anything else worth mentioning about the movie?

A: If you're only going to see one version of A Christmas Carol this year, make it one of the other ones.

Q: Where can I see the trailer?


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Jess said...

I loved it! Particularly the 3D effects. I admit in 2D it might not be magical, but in 3D it was terrific.

Rob said...

It just doesn't look like something I'd like to see. I don't think I've found Jim Carey funny since the mid 1990's...