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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Rocker

Q: What’s the movie about?

A: Just as his rock band makes it big, Robert "Fish" Fishman (Rainn Wilson), gets kicked out of the group. Now, 20 years later, he gets a second chance at rock super-stardom in his nerdy nephew's (Josh Gad) high school rock band.

Q: Who’s in the movie?

A: Rainn Wilson, Christina Applegate, Emma Stone, Josh Gad, Teddy Geiger, Jeff Garlin, Jane Lynch, Jason Sudeikis, Will Arnett, Bradley Cooper, Fred Armisen, Howard Hessman, Jane Krakowski

Q: Is this movie worth the price of admission?

A: PhotobucketProceed with Caution. I'm going to start right out by taking issue with the marketing campaign, which advertises that it's "The Sleeper Hit of the Summer!" As we all know, the definition of a "sleeper hit" is a movie that did well (past tense), despite the fact that it had no up front hype, and nobody expected it to do any business. So to advertise something as a "Sleeper" when it hasn't even been released yet is egregious! Now, I know that marketing people like to lie to us, but rarely have I felt so violated by it. What do they think we're idiots? Why do I ask such questions-- of course they do!... And while I admit that this insulting marketing campaign is not the fault of the film or the filmmakers, I fear that it could be to their detriment, because while there is nothing inherently wrong with this sweet and somewhat innocuous movie, it's the kind of experience that will be better enjoyed if you temper your expectations up front.

Q: Will this movie make me laugh?

A: It's cute, but coming out in a summer loaded up with incredibly hilarious theatrical comedies, it's hard not to compare it as the lesser of the funny.

Q: Will this movie make me cry?

A: If you've always wanted to be a leading man, but were concerned that your face wasn't pretty enough, Rainn Wilson's looks will have you crying tears of joy and hope, as he proves that you don't have to be pretty to play the ingenue, anymore!

Q: Will this movie be up for any awards?

A: In my book, Jason Sudeikis gets the award for the most underrated actor on Saturday Night Live. As a good looking guy who's also funny, and with the chops to play either a leading man or a character actor, I'm predicting right here and now that if anyone in Hollywood has half a brain, he's going to blow up-- not only in broad comedies, but also as a romantic-comedy star. It's too bad this prediction relies on someone in Hollywood having half a brain... Oh, well, Jason, you can't win 'em all!

Q: How is the Acting?

A: Rainn Wilson is a little more special as Dwight Schrute. Although if by "special" I mean "retarded", then this guy wins hands down. Meanwhile, Josh Gad has some interesting nervous inflections that have him coming off like a more genuine version of Jonah Hill. Watch out, Jonah, there's a new fat kid in town!

Q: How is the Directing?

A: Peter Cattaneo directed The Full Monty, so he'll always have a pass in my book-- which is lucky for him, cuz that's exactly what his work here is: passable.

Q: How is the story/script?

A: They hit all the beats, but like in any pop song, that makes for a somewhat predictable number.

Q: Is there anything else worth mentioning about the movie?

A: Pete Best, original cast member of the Beatles, is in the end credits as "himself," but I can't for the life of me remember seeing him in the film. If you see him in it, please clue me in by explaining it in the comments below.

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Farzan said...

As much as I love The Office, Im going to have to pass on this one. It just doesnt look funny from the trailers