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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Meet Dave

Q: What’s the movie about?

A: A spaceship, in the shape of a human, with a crew made up of lots of tiny little human-looking aliens, crash-lands on Earth to find a lost probe, which the mini-aliens need to recover in order to save their planet. Unfortunately for us Earthlings, saving their planet means destroying ours.

Q: Who’s in the movie?

A: Eddie Murphy, Elizabeth Banks, Gabrielle Union, Ed Helms, Scott Caan, Kevin Hart, Mike O'Malley, Judah Friedlander, Pat Kilbane, Marc Blucas, Austin Lynd Myers

Q: Is this movie worth the price of admission?

A: PhotobucketStop! Meet Dave is a great concept ripe with opportunities for humor and clever observations about human life on Earth... None of which are taken.

Q: Will this movie make me laugh?

A: Only if you've never been to the movies before, because there's not a joke to be found that hasn't been in another movie before it.

Q: Will this movie make me cry?

A: Yes, when you think about the talent that Eddie Murphy continually wastes when he chooses mediocre scripts to star in. I was just watching Eddie Murphy Raw again on TV last night, and man, can that guy be funny! Like for hours at a time.

Q: Will this movie be up for any awards?

A: In line with Norbit and The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Eddie Murphy's comedies seem to be on a winning streak at the Razzies.

Q: How is the Acting?

A: Eddie Murphy has his usual moments of genius in the physical comedy department. And Elizabeth Banks, who has not always given me cause for fandom, is charming and believable as a neurotic overbearing single mother. But several of the child actors in this piece really come off like child actors.

Q: How is the Directing?

A: The slow pace of much of the delivery of the lines-- in particular by the alien and robotic characters-- gives you way too much time to think about how slight your level of entertainment is. On a positive note, when the spaceship first lands on Earth, and rocks fly up into the screen, it's immediately evident that the special effects work is way more professional than in Hancock.

Q: How is the story/script?

A: Riddled with coincidence, easy answers, and moments that require supreme suspension of disbelief, this script is either a first draft, or the product of too much time in development, where studio executives forced compromise after compromise onto the screenwriters, gradually sucking any and all life out of what could've been a great comedy. Even the original title, Starship Dave, was multitudes more memorable than the title it's being released with, so you be the judge.

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Farzan said...

Good review, I feel so sorry for Eddie Murphy. I mean the guy use to have movies that ended up making a crap load of money. I think he should go back to the Nutty Professor movies. Those atleast made money and were somewhat funny or maybe some serious Oscar contender roles

Jaccstev said...

A good way to review a film, i like your blog. I also think there's nothing worth to look for in this film. Murphy is absolutely already passing his prosperous time. I heard he also plan on a retirement in acting.

Monique Elisabeth said...

Where did you hear he was planning to retire from acting? I would love more information on that. Anything you've got would be fine.

Did you hear that the movie studio vowed never to work with him again because he didn't show up for the premiere. And the only reason the studio had a big premiere was because Murphy insisted on it! yikes.

Regardless, I would also like to see him do more Oscar worthy roles... and more funny movies that are actually funny!

Seek said...

Perhaps Eddie should return to his singing roots.... Sorry, I just had to laugh a little. Thanks for sparing me the time I might have spent renting this one.

Monique Elisabeth said...