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Monday, December 17, 2007

No Country for Old Men

Q: What’s the movie about?

A: When a hunter (Josh Brolin) comes across a bunch of dead bodies and a bag full of cash, he takes the cash and soon becomes the hunted.

Q: Who’s in the movie?

A: Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem, Tommy Lee Jones, Woody Harrelson, Kelly Macdonald, Garret Dillahunt, Tess Harper, Beth Grant

Q: Is this movie worth the price of admission?

A: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketProceed with Caution. While it's certainly an accomplishment in filmmaking, this film is not for everyone. Anyone who is a true movie aficionado will love it. But those simply looking to be entertained may leave the theater confused.

Q: Will this movie make me laugh?

A: I had heard it was a dark comedy. If by "dark" they meant "not a," then I can agree.

Q: Will this movie make me cry?

A: No.

Q: Will this movie be up for any awards?

A: The National Board of Review has already rewarded it with Awards for Best Film, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Ensemble. It is nominated for four Golden Globes , including Best Motion Picture Drama, Best Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Supporting Actor (Javier Bardem). And I'm sure we can expect to see it follow suit at the Academy Awards... While it deserves nominations in all these categories, it wouldn't be my pick to win in any of them.

Q: How is the Acting?

A: Javier Bardem's chilling rendition of a psychopathic killer is clearly part of his master plan to establish himself as one of the greatest actors of his generation.

Q: How is the Directing?

A: The classic Coen Brothers' style of direction is put to powerful use in this film. Without a musical score, the movie has a quiet and methodical pace, starting out slow and gradually ramping up to a heart-racing tension. Because of their wide angles, slow moving pans, and hand-held action sequences, there is a simple realism to the film, which separates it from "popcorn-movie" style action thrillers.

Q: How is the story/script?

A: Apparently a very close adaptation of the Cormac McCarthy book, the dialogue is unpredictable, and the storyline in anything but cookie-cutter. There are original moments that are the type that go down in movie history. But if the ending was trying to make any kind of a point, I missed it.

Q: Is there anything else worth mentioning about the movie?

A: If you are planning to see this, I do advise seeing it on the big screen, because something will definitely get lost in your living room.

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RT said...

I only wished they'd put subtitles up anytime Tommy Lee Jones spoke. His Texas twang sounded like he had marbles in his mouth.

Have a great Christmas (or holiday weekend).

Monique said...

I will say this... I did find myself spacing out sometimes when he talked. Maybe that was why?

You have a nice holiday, too! Hopefully some good movies will come out!

DanSteely said...

Finally got around to seeing this last night. It was an amazing achievement, but in many ways felt like Fargo II. Essentially a study of how a large sum of money can make bad things happen to good people. I totally agree that it was hard to understand Tommy Lee Jones – as well as Javier Bardim. Good plot twists, though, and even though ordinarily ridiculous things happen, they still manage to seem believable. Although, there were some times when it was hard to believe Bardim's character could track down Josh Brolin's. Still thought American Gangster was better ;)